Updates Help Retain A Homes Value

Maintaining your home value is something that has to be done on a continual basis. It isn’t enough to try to fix up your home right before selling it. Regular maintenance and simple upgrades are some of the best ways to maintain home value. Some of the ways to maintain home value may actually increase your home value and make it easier to sell your home, even in a housing market slump.

  • Repair your home as needed. Putting off the repairs can cause more damage to your home, which can negatively impact your home value. For example, a leaky sink may seem fairly harmless; however, if the water sets in the wood cabinet, the wood can rot or it can develop mold and mildew.
  • Clean your home and yard. It is difficult for a potential buyer to look past a bunch of trash or filth when viewing a home. This includes cleaning gutters, windows, outdoor areas and the entire interior, such as closets, of the home.
  • Landscape your yard. A well manicured lawn can increase a property’s worth by increasing the curb appeal. Cut the grass, edge around sidewalks, trim trees and bushes, plant flowers and make sure walkways are in good repair.
  • Paint the exterior and interior of your home with neutral colors. Brightly colored paint can take away from a home’s value because it limits the number of potential buyers.
  • Update the bathroom and kitchen. These are the two rooms in which you make upgrades that can increase your property value. However, poor choices in these areas can take away from the home’s value. Updating cabinets, fixtures, flooring and appliances are usually safe updates for these rooms.
  • Make your home bright. Update your lighting fixtures and lights. A bright home appears more spacious and clean, which makes your home more valuable than a dim home.
  • Speak to a realtor before making any major upgrades, such as pools, spas or additions to your home. In some markets, these upgrades can actually hurt your home value and may end up costing you money over time.
  • Keep detailed records of home maintenance and upgrades. If you can show when the roof was redone or that you have had all recommended furnace and chimney maintenance done, your home’s value will remain stable or increase because buyers will realize the home has been maintained.
  • Get an energy audit and complete the suggested improvements. This makes the home value stay the same or increase, and it may make the home easier to sell because of minimized energy bills.
  • Contact us for a free estimate on upgrading, repairing or renovating your home so you can not only maintain the value of your home, but enjoy these upgrades while you are still living there.

Home Office Redo

Watch this actual redo of a home office and see how you can not only update your home, but turn a room into a more usable and modern space.

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