There are several reasons for our success in dealing with Croce Construction and Home Improvement:

Integrity:  Their up front pricing ensured that we paid exactly what was agreed to in the contract and not a penny more.  There were no hidden fees or late mark-ups for labor or materials which made it possible for us to do the improvements on a tight budget and ensure that we wouldn’t go over.

Fast and Friendly service:  Charlies’s tradesmen were trustworthy, professional and friendly, which is important when someone is going to spend that much time in and around your house.

Experience:  We added a number of improvements to our home that were badly needed. We redid one of our smaller bathrooms and it came out great as you can see in the photo.  Then Charlie helped us update one of our old bedrooms into a wonderful guest room.  Finally, he is working on a complete renovation of my home office and I can’t wait for this to be done as well.

    Professionalism: We found Charlie delivered what he promised and more.  He is a true professional, no nonsense guy and told us exactly what we needed done and then did it.  He worked clean, respected us and our home and we have recommended him to many of our friends.

    We  were originally thinking of selling our house and moving.  We did the math and it turned out to be more cost effective to have Charlie Croce make our house exactly what we wanted, rather than to try and sell in this market and buy a new one.

    If you are thinking of moving, I would recommend you call Charlie  first to see if they can make your current house worth staying in!

    Len Rapoport

    Hazlet, New Jersey

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