Fires • Floods • Natural & Man Made Disasterss

Misfortunes can happen to anyone at anytime. Your pipes break or the water heater, washer or refrigerator malfunctions, you now have water everywhere. Maybe your toilet overflows or backs-up. During heavy storms your roof could leak, gutters might overflow or rainwater finds its own way into your  home.

Fires happen due to faulty wiring, overloaded outlets or improper storage of combustable materials.  Wind damage can tear a roof off a home, piece by piece.  Sump pump failures can cause a homeowner thousands of dollars in restoration and repairs.

When disaster strikes you need to understand what to do to get your life and home back in order.  Croce Home Improvement   can be there to help you understand what steps must be taken to save your home and rebuild it if necessary, while working closely with you and your insurance company to maximize the value of your loss and recover the maximum payout from the insurance company.  It is difficult to think straight when your home or property has been hit with a disaster so it is important to act fast and to select a professional that can help.

Calling a local water or fire restoration firm might be the right move, but why do it yourself when we can tackle the complete and complex job of not only stopping the damage from getting even worse to rebuilding and repairing your home to its proper condition.  We can bring in our team of trained professionals to tackle each step necessary to put your life and home back together and we can do it fast.

Call us when you experience one of these disasters for our free estimate and helpful advice on what you need to know and what you need to do now.

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See how easy it is to experience a disaster and the amount of damage it can do.

Call us first when disaster strikes, we can help.


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