Have you been thinking of building your own house, but not sure where to begin?  Was it an extension to your existing home that you wanted?  Maybe you wanted to simply build up and add a floor to your home.  Whatever your new construction needs Charlie Croce Construction can handle the project.

Croce Construction has built custom homes for the past 20 years and has added additions to existing homes in the hundreds.  If you are thinking of building a new home or an addition you need a professional to help you through the entire process from working with our architect to design the addition that you want, one that will meet all local code and offer you the finished project you had hoped for.

We will work with you and hold your hand, if need be, to make what could be a daunting task one that can be a rewarding project that give you the freedom to go about your daily business while we take care of all the details.  Once a plan is approved we will create a written estimate detailing the materials being used for your project, the costs of each step of the construction and the time it will take to complete each phase.

This step-by-step approach helps you understand the process in a simpler manner, helps you control your budget and assures you of completion of each phase in the allotted time promised.  Payment is also flexible and we can work with you to make the financial portion of the project as simple as the planned construction.  We believe a client should not have to pay large deposits or pre-payments, but rather a payment plan that enables you to pay as the project progresses.  Too many homeowners have found that some unscrupulous contractors will ask for large upfront payments on signing of the work agreement and then never show up to do the work.  It is for this reason a prospective client should never agree to such terms and deal with a reputable contractor.

Please watch this slide show and see the many projects we have completed.  You can trust us to get your new home or new addition completed as promised both in quality and in a timely manner.

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