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Well, now you have probably done your kitchen and updated your bathrooms, so it is time to look at the other rooms in your home.  Two top projects we have seen these days are a home office and finishing a basement or den.  Both of these are great choices and ones that  will save you money and add living space to your home.

Today more then ever before those in business have learned that working from their home offices can not only save them money, but also offers one the convenience and saving in time and commuting to a commercial office space.

If you would like to work at home and not only enjoy the convenience and savings, an added advantage is your ability to deduct a portion of your home’s expenses from your income tax return. If you qualify for these deductions then can include your mortgage and tax payments, cost of renovations and maintenance and so much more.  A home office is a great way to save money and a wonderful way to do your work in the convenience and privacy you now enjoy living in your home.

A Den or Finished Basement is another great investment and one that will also add value.  Imagine taking that old cellar and making it into a beautiful family or entertainment room.  We can help and do it correctly making sure that the basement remains dry and comfortable over the years.

Call or contact us today to discover how cost effective a Home Office can be and how enjoyable it can be adding a wonderful finished basement or den to your home.

Photo © Kraftmaid

Photo © Kraftmaid

Photo © Kraftmaid

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