Custom Built Home Vs. Manufactured Home

As a general contractor when I’m driving around I am constantly observing houses as I pass by. One thing that I have noticed lately is an increase of modular homes. I’ll admit, this does irritate me. Not only because I build houses for a living but also because I know people who purchase modular homes will eventually regret it. This generalization is made not only from my knowledge of the industry but from testimonials of people who have personally purchased these homes.


Custom Home – You Decide What You Want In Your Home

Design/ Layout

Manufactured Homes – Considering they need to be built within a factory, modular homes often lack originality. Think about it, how are they going to deliver it? On a truck, meaning there is less room in physical size which in turn means there is less room for creativity within the layout. Picture the shape of a tractor trailer, usually about 15 feet in width and 60 feet in length. Long and skinny, that is the shape of your new home!

Custom Built Home – To be honest I can not say I have built the same home twice, all of my projects are unique. When a house is designed by a contractor there is much more freedom in the layout. The way the home is built can easily be catered to the customers needs and wants. During the planning process a custom home builder and homeowner can make changes to the architectural plans until they are absolutely satisfied with the final product. Even during the building process it is not uncommon to tweak things to satisfy the customer.



Modular Home Being Constructed – Limited To What Can Be Done


Manufactured Homes – Many people purchase modular homes because they feel as though they are fast, affordable and will save money. However, they are getting what they paid for. In addition to their lack of size, modulars are cheaper because the materials used to build them are low quality. The result is inevitable, after a few years they are going to deteriorate meaning things like your wall and floors will need to be replaced. Overtime the cost of repairs will begin to add up and not to mention the hassle of constantly having work done to your home.


Custom Home From The Ground Up

Custom Home From The Ground Up

Custom Built Home – When a contractor is building a new house they have a reputation to withstand. In this business in order to uphold your reputation the quality of your work needs to be top notch every time. Custom builts homes are not just pre planned and slapped together in a factory. There is a lot of thought put it in including the choice of material. As a contractor it is my job to find the best quality materials at an affordable price.


Manufactured Home – Over the years the value of modular home begin to decline.

Custom Built Home – When a new home is built over time the value is going to increase.

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